Hello and welcome to the R for healthcare website. This site contains an ever growing set of training materials relevant for the use of the R language by people working in and around healthcare.

This set of resources is something that healthcare analysts will find particularly useful as it will provide you with the skills required to undertake and automate those analytics tasks you would normally do in spreadsheet programmes such as Excel.

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Introductory presentation

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The introductory presentation contains information about:

  • What is R?
  • Uses of R
  • Downloading and installing R
  • Downloading and installing R Studio
  • Familiarisation with the R Studio environment
  • Packages and their uses
  • R programming conventions

Training contents

The NHS-R Community

Do you work in a health or social care related organisation? Do you use or are interested in using R in your work? If the answer to these questions is yes then you should head on over to the NHS-R Community website to find out more. Find a whole community of people learning and using R in the NHS together.

NHS-R conference 2019 materials