Learning to build R scripts

Introduction to the R for Excel Users Workshop

This workshop was developed for the NHS-R conference 2019 in Birmingham UK. The aim of the workshop was to teach people how to develop generic basic R scripts to automate routine health service analysis tasks. During the workshop this was achieved by:

  • Learning to identify which tasks are most appropriate for automation
  • Understanding how to break down an analysis into useful stages
  • Undertaking a practical task to reconstruct a non-generic R script of an example analysis to learn about the basic construction of R scripts and the ordering of operations
  • Undertaking a second practical task to reconstruct a more generic version of the R script used in the first task to learn about the evolution of script from a non-generic to a generic script

Follow this link to the git repository containing all of the workshop files.

The files contained in the repository are:

  • The workshop presentation without the task answers
  • The workshop presentation with the task answers
  • The mixed up code for task 1
  • The correctly ordered code for task 1
  • The mixed up code for task 2
  • The correctly ordered code for task 2
  • The raw data used for tasks 1 and 2
  • The R script used to create the raw data for the workshop
  • A list of required R packages

If you would like to use this as a training task you can read the workshop presentation without the answers (pre conference version) and try to reconstruct the code in tasks 1 and 2 from the muddled code files. You might find it helpful to print the muddled code out and reorder the code extracts along with the descriptions.